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What Are You Trying To Say?

Web traffic of this site over the last 5 days. What are you guys trying to say?


TABC Will Not Appeal

Just heard from my (very trusted) source at TABC that they will not appeal Judge Sparks’ ruling.

RealTail II

Super pumped today to be able to announce more details of RealTail II. We’ll be brewing the Collaboration Beer this Saturday morning at Freetail. Our normal tour is being pushed back to 1pm this Saturday – might be a good one to head out to. Both Jason and John Lee will be here along with Erik Ogershok from Real Ale and whoever else he brings along.

Last year was a blast and this year should be no exception!

If you can’t make it to the festival but will be headed to GABF this year, we’ll have the Collaboration Beer available at the Texas Craft Brewers Guild booth.


Eventwith Blanco’s Real Ale Brewing Co. to also Feature Special Collaboration Beer


3, 2011) San Antonio, TX
– Freetail Brewing Co. is announcing
that it will host RealTail II on Saturday, August 27. The annual festival will
feature rare, barrel aged beers from both the local brewpub and Real Ale
Brewing Co. from Blanco, TX in addition to a special collaborate beer developed
by the two breweries.

The brewers describe the collaboration—RealTail 2011—as an
“untraditional double wit using locally sourced nopalitos (cactus pads), a
mélange of four spices and agave nectar”.
The tap-list for the daylong event will be released a week
prior and posted to Freetail’s webpage and Facebook. Some of the rare beers
fans can expect are Freetail’s Bandito, La Muerta 2010, Atê and selections from
Real Ale’s Mysterium Verum series.

Freetail Founder and CEO Scott Metzger said that a few more
surprises will be in store for visitors that day.  “We’ve been stockpiling a thing or two, and
it’s never beyond us to have twenty of our beers on tap.  I’m not saying that is what we are going to
do, but I’m not saying that’s not
what we’re going to do.”

to the festival is free and all of the beers served will be available in sample
and full-serving sizes.  Doors open at

Plans for Second Location Suspended Indefinitely

Here is a copy of a press release I just sent out. Obviously this is very difficult for me personally and professionally. 2011 has been quite the roller coaster – but I’ll press forward doing my best for Freetail and Texas Beer Culture as a whole. I’ll be taking a little bit of a hiatus to get my first dose of “me” time I’ve had in a while, I look forward to coming back re-energized and ready to grow our San Antonio brewpub and get working on the 2013 Legislative session.



Immediate Release




(July 27, 2011) San Antonio, TX – Having previously announced expansion into the Houston market, Freetail Brewing Co. will announce the indefinite suspension of plans for a second location — citing concerns over access to capital.

“As I moved forward with the Freetail Houston project, I began to run into an increasing level of resistance in capital markets. A brewpub is a good project for downtown Houston, but the deal is simply not there for me at this time,” explained Freetail Founder & CEO, Scott Metzger. “When we announced the project on May 17, we also stated there were financial considerations to be addressed. Those considerations are ultimately what put this project on hold indefinitely, and no other reason. To move forward with the project at this time would be irresponsible and an injustice to my company and the City of Houston.

“For now my focus will be to continue growing our successful original location, which has internal expansion needs of its own, and moving forward in the battle for fair reform of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code, as it relates to the activities of our state’s brewpubs and breweries,” added Metzger.

Freetail Brewing Co. is founded on the pursuit of creating exciting, innovative and unique world class beer and beer-centric cuisine. We embrace the laid back and fun-loving Texas culture and set out to create products that mirror the lifestyle of our diverse and rapidly growing community. We believe in promoting an increased appreciation of craft beer and its responsible enjoyment. We believe in going above and beyond customer expectations not only through our products, but also through exceptional customer service. We believe in providing a dining and leisure experience unmatched in the local community.  And in case you didn’t get it the first time… we believe in having fun.


For more information visit www.freetailbrewing.com.



Silence is Golden

By now you’ve noticed a fairly pronounced degree of silence from me on the issue of HB 660 and other beer related legislation. That trend won’t end today.

I’m undecided on whether or not I’ll have any more to say on June 1, but will be the earliest I’ll have a post on our effort for Texas Beer Freedom.

In the meantime, however, I will be retaking my blog over to discuss other things. One of them being Project: Gemini. Hopefully we’ll have announcement soon on whether I’ve chosen San Antonio, San Marcos, Houston or New Braunfels as the site for the next Freetail. Or perhaps a new, unknown competitor has entered the mix… perhaps one that would allow me to fulfill my dream of living at the beach? Perhaps….

Day 78: I’m Back!

I’m back, but with no news. Still trying to catch up from being gone for almost a week. Look for an update tomorrow!

Day 55: Alamo Homebrew Supply Rally

Austinites! Austin Homebrew Supply is hosting an HB 660 today from 1-4. Head out, get yourself a T-shirt; drink some beer from Freetail, NXNW and Uncle Billy’s; and maybe pick up a kit to brew House Brown 660 at home. Food will be available as well.

Back tomorrow

Day 47: Thank You!

Wow, what an amazing time we had last night in Main Plaza. Thanks to the hundreds of you who came out last night to show your support. As you could tell, Representative Villarreal was really pumped by the amazing response the public has had to his bill.

I’ll have tons of pictures from the event up tomorrow, but in the meantime here is some coverage from the event last night from KENS 5. All 4 major San Antonio TV stations were on hand, in addition to most of the radio stations as well. As soon as I find links from the other stations, I’ll post here.

Why I’ve Been Silent

I don’t have any new content today, just wanted to update everyone on why there haven’t been any updates in a few days. It isn’t because things aren’t happening, but because I’ve been crippled with a case of the flu. Hopefully I’ll be back in action soon and I’m planning on firing the blog back up tomorrow.

Thanks for understanding!

Okay, so now what?

As most of you probably know, we celebrated our second anniversary this past weekend and an amazing time was had by all.  Seeing 35 of our beers crammed onto the board was a beautiful thing to see, even if not the most reader friendly.  Another thanks to all of you who have made the last two years so great.

So now that we’re another year older, and presumably wiser, what’s next?  Well, you can count on the same philosophy that has gotten us to this point.  Fresh ingredients, good eats, solid brews and maybe something wacky every now and then.

For me personally, year 3 brings a handful of fun but especially challenging projects.  Of course there is Project: Gemini, which you probably already know about.  My head brewer, Jason Davis, and I will be in Houston on Wednesday December 8 to hang out and get a better feel for that city.  Jennifer Litz, of Texas Girl Pint Out one of the driving forces behind the #FreetailHouston campaign is organizing a place where we can all get together, drink some brews and answer questions, so keep an eye on either of those blogs.

One of the toughest things about Project: Gemini, is the inevitable disappointment when we eventually pick the site of our next location.  We’re looking at Houston, New Braunfels, San Antonio and San Marcos, but will only choose one.  People in each of those cities (in addition to some friends of ours in Branson, Missouri who have their own #FreetailBranson grass-roots campaign going) have expressed tons of excitement and support so it will be a tough decision.  In the end, they’ll all be a great home for a brewpub and I hope there is someone behind us to move in if we don’t. 

Another big initiative of mine goes beyond Freetail, and I believe it is one that can forever change the beer landscape in Texas.  I am in the process of working with our State Legislature to introduce a bill that would allow brewpubs to sell to wholesalers, so that the wholesalers could sell to retailers, so that the retailers can sell to you.  While it seems like a no-brainer that Texas Small Businesses should have the same market access as non-Texas Small Businesses (an out-of-state brewpub can sell to Texas wholesalers, but a Texas brewpub can’t), this is still a highly contentious issue.  Recent comments by members of the Wholesale tier indicate a long, uphill battle to affect legislative change that would help Texas businesses and give Texas consumers access to a wider range of products.  But I’m a believe in justice, and I think it’s just a matter of time before Texas laws are changed to put Texans first.

For the record, I believe in the 3-tier system.  But I don’t believe in a system where one party exists because of and benefits from a legislative mandate.  I believe wholesalers are invaluable to the beer industry.  I’m a beer maker, not a beer warehousers and deliverer.  I’m not interested in owning trucks or keeping tabs on thousands of accounts, and I doubt I’d be good at it.  Wholesalers, on the other hand, are usually really good at it.  But when positive changes that would help businesses and give customers more choice are the victim of protectionism, the Economist in me gets a little ticked.  I don’t buy the argument that we are one step away from tied-houses if we allow Texas breweries to grow.  Even if we were, my reaction would be “bring it on!” (coincidently, this is the same reaction I have to a large national beer-bar chain buying a billboard in my parking lot).

I can go on forever about this topic… look for a plethora of posts on it coming soon.

So that’s pretty much it for my agenda.  Another year in the books, lots of excitement surrounding the next.  What do you have planned for Freetail Year 3?  What would you like to see in Year 3, not just for Freetail, but for Texas Craft Beer in general?