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Day 51: Texas Independence

Right off the bat, happy Texas Independence Day! 175 years ago, while the brave men and women of our state fought for independence at the Alamo for 13 days, our state declared itself sovereign. Not to put our efforts on par with what those Texans did back then, but today, we fight for the independence of Texas brewpubs.

Yesterday, the Licensing and Administrative Procedures Committee held their first round of hearings. Judging by the past, HB 660 should have its hearing in the next couple of weeks. Now, more than ever, it is important for you all to write the members of the committee and express your support for HB 660. You can find the committee list here: http://www.capitol.state.tx.us/Committees/Membership.aspx. Even if you are not in their district, please write, call and email your support over the next few weeks.

Also, keep March 23 marked on your calendar as we are planning a rally at the Capitol and on April 3 we are planning a huge event at the new Uncle Billy’s on Lake Travis.

Thank you all for the continued support. We will win this fight.


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