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Day 31: Headed Up The Capitol Steps

Today I’ll be hitting the Capitol with my good friend Davis Tucker of North by Northwest Restaurant and Brewery paying visits to the underpaid and under appreciated backbone of the Legislature: the staffers! They are usually appreciative of seeing happy, smiling brewers.

Around the Web

Ronnie Crocker of the Houston Chronicle has a blog post up about this Saturday’s HB 660 rally in Houston.

Speaking of which, Jennifer Litz of Texas Girls Pint Out (among many other roles she plays in the beer biz) is getting the troops fired up on her blog as well.

Fun Fact of the Day

A study The Beer Institute revealed that Texans consumed 33 million gallons of wine in 2008.  That’s a lot! Ahem, they also consumed 615 million gallons of beer! If wine industry reforms turned it from a $132 million industry in 2001 to a $1.35 billion one in 2009… imagine what similar reforms could do for beer in Texas!


One response

  1. Ken

    ” If wine industry reforms turned it from a $132 million industry in 2001 to a $1.35 billion one in 2009″

    THe problem is the average person (yes including probably most of the legislature) assume beer is not on par with wine. I bet you (a bottle of homebrew) that if you ask any person in congress (besides the 2 or 3) that know any thing about beer what the average beer they buy cost per 12 pack they will tell you 7.99 or 8.99 and ask them the average bottle of wine they would probably say something along the lines or 15-25 bucks. It funny when Im advocating beer to most people they cannot believe I spent 8-15 dollars on a single bottle. Here is an idea. Put together a black tie event. Charge $50 a plate (hell even a $100) invite all the legislature and serve nothing but great craft beer. HAHA!

    February 10, 2011 at 9:13 pm

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