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Day 29: HB 660, The Rally!

Big news today I want to fill everyone in on.  We are planning a huge HB 660 Rally for February 25, beginning at 5:30pm at Main Plaza in San Antonio.  The rally will feature a press conference by Representative Mike Villarreal and discussion from other speakers, live music from 3 bands, and of course lots of Texas beer!

We are hoping to attract well over 1,000 people.  I think 10,000 would be a great number (aim for the stars, momma always told me).  Let’s make Main Plaza look like this:

Photo Credit: Emvergeoning.com

I’ll fill you in with more details as the date draws nearer.

There are some more events on the horizon as well:

This Saturday I’ll be hosting a mini-HB 660 rally at the Flying Saucer in Houston. I hope to have more details up tomorrow. Houstonians, I know you guys REALLY care about craft beer, and I hope to see you there. We will have HB 660 shirts available as well.

Sunday, Darkside Fermentation will host their anniversary party in San Marcos.  Silas has set up bands and spoken word artists and it should be a great time. I’ll be there talking HB 660 and we’ll have HB 660 shirts available.

Around the Web

Cathy Clark, one of the driving forces behind Monsters of Beer, Camp Beer and Houston Beer Week has a wonderful post on her blog about Texas beer laws.  You can also find Cathy on twitter @cathywonderful


One response

  1. Chris

    Once you have more details up, I can add the event to beeradvocate and try to rally all of the houston beer advocates to get to both the flying saucer and the rally on the 25th. I think that the beeradvocate community will really embrace these events.

    February 9, 2011 at 3:29 pm

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