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Day 23: Bundle Up.

Rolling blackouts? $27 billion dollar state budget deficits? All of a sudden it feel like California down here, except without all the brewery-friendly laws.

For those of you who don’t live in Texas, it’s cold today. Maybe not cold by whatever standards your state might go by – but really really friggin’ by South Central Texan standards.  Wild chills in the city were at 5 degrees F and were expected around zero degrees F in the hill country.  Because no one saw this coming, it also turned out the state didn’t have enough power for the sudden spike in demand, and rolling brown outs were instituted in many parts of the state.  They effected our brewery twice this morning, and when I spoke to my good friend and Real Ale head brewer Erik Ogershok he had just gotten through putting out the proverbial fires of the power going out mid-brew and moments after firing up the bottling line.  YIKES!

There aren’t a whole lot of HB 660 development to report today, but there are a couple of news stories to share:

Houston Chronicle writer Ronnie Crocker (who you can find on twitter @rcrocker) reports a sense of cautious optimism over HB 602, and makes a mention of HB 660.  I always find the comments on Ronnie’s stories to be especially engaging.

Back closer to my home, San Antonio Express-News writer Eric Braun discusses how HB 660 would be a game changer… for Texas beer consumers.

The KENS 5 story on HB 660 gets a little national exposure at beernews.org.

If you’ve got any Imperial Stouts at home, crack one open and stay warm.  Cheers!


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