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Day 22: HB 660, the Beer

Today at Freetail Brewing Co. we brewed our version of the HB 660 Collaboration Beer, aptly named HB (House Brown) 660.

The recipe will vary from place to place (also participating: Black Star Co-Op, Blue Star Brewing Co., Darkside Fermentation, Draught House, Lovejoy’s, NXNW, and both Uncle Billy’s locations) incorporating the local terroir.  The only constants – make a big, robust brown ale that finishes at 6.60% ABV and can hold up 66.0 IBUs.

For you homebrewers who want to make it (because you can’t get it at your local store – not until the bill passes!), here is the recipe for the Freetail version:

Grain Bill for 10-gallon batch assuming 75% lauter efficiency:

21.5 lbs 2-Row
1.0 lbs Caramunich 60
0.5 lbs Chocolate

Mash for 60 minutes at 152F

75 Minute Boil

Hop Schedule:

1 oz Summit (18.4% AA) at 75 min
2.5 oz Cascade (7.2% AA) at 15 min
2.5 oz Cascade (7.2% AA) at 0 min
Dry Hop with 2 oz Cascade (7.2% AA)

Pitch with White Labs 002

 Like I said, this is just the Freetail version.  I’m curious to hear the modifications you make at home and how they turn out.  We’ll all be soon raising a pint to HB 660!

Finally, a photo of Head Brewer, Jason Davis, mashing in this morning.


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  1. Chris Smith

    Save me some!

    February 1, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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