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Day 3: Texas Beer Geography

Yesterday I mentioned how Texas law creates inconsistency between the way in-state and out-of-state brewpubs are treated.  I even mentioned how I could increase the reach of my beer in Texas by simply moving out of the state (which, I wouldn’t actually do) and how ridiculous that is.

Talk is fine, but pictures are better.  Last night I visited my neighborhood grocery store (I didn’t pick one that I knew would support my case, this is really the one closest to my house) and took pictures of the craft section of their beer coolers with my phone.  Through the power of Photoshop, I’d color coded into the following groups:

Red Border: Not Craft Beer
Blue Border: Texas Beer
Pink/Purple Border: Out-of-state packaging brewery
Green Border: An out-of-state craft brewer that has is a brewpub/has a brewpub/has some retail outlet on their site where they sell you beer. (Note, this is to the best of my knowledge using the respective brewer’s websites and BeerAdvocate to see if they had a retail outlet)

You’ll note some overlap between the pictures.  Click for full-size images (big). 

Why should out-of-state brewpubs be given privileges in our state that Texas brewpubs can’t enjoy?


2 responses

  1. Brian Tarver

    Hmm, that cooler looks familiar. Could you photoshop over the out of stocks in case my boss checks out this blog? Seriously though, all that green border highlights a lot of opportunity for growth.

    January 19, 2011 at 6:52 pm

    • PS: Thanks Brian for not tackling me as I was taking photos of your cooler!

      PPS: I’m lucky to live around the corner from a store with such a great selection.

      January 20, 2011 at 1:07 pm

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